Butler Chain of Lakes

Butler Chain of Lakes Homes and Property

The Butler Chain of Lakes and the Windermere Chain of Lakes are considered to be among the most outstanding of all Florida lakefront properties. Labeled “Outstanding Florida Waters” by the Florida Department of Environmental Regulation and recognized for their water quality and natural animal habitats, the Butler Chain of Lakes and Windermere Chain of Lakes includes a variety of bodies of water. The eleven lakes that encompass this area are Lake Butler, Lake Down, Lake Sheen, Lake Tibet, Lake Chase, Lake Louise, Pocket Lake, Wauseon Bay, Lake Blanche, Lake Isleworth, and Little Fish Lake. Each lake offers its own individual amenities and beauty. For these reasons Butler Chain of lakes homes and properties are highly treasured and sought after.

These chains of lakes are located in the town of Windermere – a historic town established in 1889. Nestled inside Windermere, the Butler Chain of Lakes and Windermere Chain of Lakes are known for both their exquisite beauty and their small town feel (a census conducted in 2004 placed the population of Windermere right around 2000 residents). Locals find themselves surrounded by a quaint atmosphere, with dirt roads connecting friendly neighbors and mom and pop shops. Priding itself as one of few remaining places able to successfully exhibit that coveted small town feel, Windermere tends to attract those looking for high end homes meets down home feel.

Windermere and Butler Chain of Lakes homes are also known for their celebrity appeal. In fact celebrities frequently own the properties in this area, either as vacation homes and second homes or as permanent locations. Among some of the celebrities who have owned homes in the Butler Chain of Lakes and Windermere Chain of Lakes area are superstar athletes, such as Shaquille O’Neil, Ken Griffey Jr., Mark O’Meara and Tiger Woods; movie stars, such as Wesley Snipes; and businessmen, such as Planet Hollywood CEO Robert Earl. These celebrities literally enjoy the beauty of Florida from their own backyards.

Many of those looking for Windermere or Butler Chain of Lakes homes have questions about the recent abundance of growth in the area. In fact, the southwest corner of Orange County has seen a population boom in the recent years. This is likely due to both the area’s close proximity to just about everything (from amusement parks to beaches, from hiking trails to lakes, from gated communities to an exciting nightlife). This population boom as left some homeowners wondering if Windermere will be able to maintain its small town appeal. Despite a bit more traffic, many Windermere residents still maintain that this area successfully infuses small town values. In addition, the population boom has also led to an increase in property values.

As the population continues to rise, and this area becomes an increasingly popular place to live, Butler Chains of Lakes homes have been a wonderful investment for many homeowners. Not only are they located in a quaint, welcoming environment, but these homes also have paradise virtually right out their backdoor.

The Butler Chain of Lake properties offer a great deal to those who live there. A majority of the appeal lies in the lakes. With avid water lovers flocking to the area, these lakes offer relaxing activities, such as boating, fishing, and paddling, as well as more extreme activities, such as jet skiing and waterskiing. Literally right out your door, water lovers have the chance to surf, deep-sea fish, and enjoy oceanic wildlife.

Lakefront Vacation Homes in Central Florida
Butler Chain of Lake properties make excellent vacation homes for family vacations, as well as second homes for those who prefer a more nomadic lifestyle, such as a home on the West Coast and one on the East Coast.

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